, September 2021
f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS receives order to develop a mission computer for a research laboratory for mission technologies

f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS has received an order from the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich for the specification, development and qualification of a mission computer.

With the project “Research Laboratory for Mission Technologies (MissionLab)”, the university intends to set up an experimental environment with which mission technologies are to be investigated, the use of which will determine the performance of military aircraft to a considerable extent in the future. The aim of the project is to strengthen the Bundeswehr’s ability to analyze, assess, make decisions and make demands. As part of the project, a mission computer is to be developed that serves as a platform for the experimental software functions provided by the university, has interfaces for various subsystems of the aircraft and is compatible with the corresponding installation and operating requirements.

The current assignment includes the specification of the mission computer. Development and integration into an unmanned flying platform should follow in the next 2-3 years. In the research cooperation with the university, the question of how future intelligent mission functions can be mapped to appropriate hardware and what requirements result from this should be clarified.

f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS is thus continuing the successful development of such mission systems, the best-known area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication currently being the mission computer subsystem in the military tanker aircraft of the type A310MRTT of the German and Canadian air forces.


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