As always, f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS will be presenting its product portfolio in the areas of airborne and ground radios as well as Mode S Transponders at AERO 2022 in Hall B1 / Stand 102.

The market launch of the TM350 starts at the AERO, a completely newly developed compact avionics module for airspace surveillance and proximity warning with the aim of increasing situational awareness.

The TM350 can easily be installed in the aircraft as a black box. For this purpose, the TM350 has been qualified under RTCA DO-160 for environmental conditions and meets all currently applicable CE standards.

The system decodes all currently evaluable transmissions from other aircraft (Mode A/C, Mode S, ADS-B and FLARM®) in order to show the pilot as complete an air situation picture as possible. The evaluation of the traffic information is made available to external displays (e.g. FLARM® V3, LX TX) and common navigation APPs (e.g. SkyDemon, ForeFlight, VFRnav) via serial interfaces and two parallel WiFi® connections.

In conjunction with a suitable Mode S transponder, the TM350 forms a full ADS-B IN/OUT system, which broadcasts its own position and receives the position of other aircraft. The combination with the f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS Mode S Transponder TRT800H/A is optimized for particularly easy integration.

The special feature of the TM350 is that the less expensive standard version already contains a FLARM® beacon, which means that FLARM® signals are always transmitted. In this version, the TM350 only evaluates the signal strength of received FLARM® signals during reception and generally outputs an approximation without position information. If required, the TM350 can be expanded to a complete FLARM® system at any time. In this case, the exact position information is then also evaluated.

As a leading manufacturer of aircraft radios and Mode S transponders, f.u.n.k.e AVIONICS now offers its customers another component for an integrated avionics system with the TM350. Further information can be found at