Aircraft radio devices

The ATR833 product family comprises of VHF transceivers with the new channel separation of 8.33 kHz. The channel spacing can be switched between 25kHz and 8,33kHz. The built-in vox controlled intercom operates up to 4 microphones (2 standard, 2 dynamic). In many cases no extra  intercom is required. This saves cost and weight. All headsets are separately adjustable. Using similar headsets a 4-place intercom can be built-up.In addition to the standard functions there are 2 memories available. The user can define often used frequencies to build up an own database. In addition the last 10 frequencies used can be recalled.

Aircraft manufacturer Michael Kügelgen, currently known for his new project eMagic One, puts it this way:

“With an electric aircraft in general and with an eVTOL in particular, i.e. an aircraft that can also take off and land vertically like a helicopter, it is important to build as light as possible and to avoid every unnecessary gram. That’s why we chose the super light device ATR833S from f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS decided. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it fits perfectly in our dashboard. The intuitive operation and the logical structure are self-explanatory and reduce the workload for the pilot enormously. The monitor frequency, i.e. the ability to listen to two frequencies, is another plus point, because we can talk to an escort pilot and listen to the seat frequency at the same time. Finally, the range and voice quality are also excellent – all in all a great device. “