CDTI-2000 - Cockpit Display of Traffic Information

Your safety is our main objective. This is why we are constantly striving to make your flight even safer. The CDTI-2000 is designed to support you during your flight and to provide you with exceptional situation awareness of your position, surrounding terrain and traffic, so that you can take suitable measures to avert potential dangerous situations. This integrated solution conserves your valuable panel space while you can still enjoy the convenience of GPS-based Moving Map navigation.

For terrain awareness, the CDTI-2000 compares your altitude with elevation data for the current position from its terrain data base. Terrain and obstacles (not available for all countries) are depicted on the color display relative to your current altitude and position. For further orientation airports and navaids in your vicinity are displayed as well.

For navigation purposes, the CDTI-2000 can show your position on various digital bitmap charts. In standard configuration, VFR en-route charts are included. At a glance, you can determine your position relative to flightrelevant locations and objects such as airports and airspace. Also available are approach charts that allow easy determination of your position in the approach pattern. In addition, customised mission charts or charts for special purposes can easily be integrated and shown on the display.

The capability for aircraft to receive airborne traffic data from other aircraft and ground- based systems is expected to be part of the future Air Traffic Surveillance system. ADS-B is a surveillance technique in which aircraft are transmitting position data via a broadcast-mode data link for utilisation by any air or ground user. TIS-B is defined as a broadcast service in which surveillance information is gathered on the ground and transmitted to airborne systems. The CDTI-2000 is capable to process these ADS-B and TIS-B reports as received via the respective data link (VDL Mode 4 and Mode S 1090ES) and to display this traffic information on the screen. This visualisation of other aircraft is possible in a dedicated display mode or in an integrated presentation together with terrain and navigation features. Our CDTI-2000 is certified to ETSO-C113 and C147.

The CDTI-2000 has been designed for use in special avionics system solutions and is not available to end customers.

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