RTH80 Mode S Receiver

The RTH80 is a 1090MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B receiver complying with the basic requirements as specified in RTCA DO-260A. The unit operates at 10 to28 V DC.

The RTH80 receiver detects incoming ADS-B reports and performs decoding and checking of message validity. The valid ADS-B reports may then be forwarded to a PC for further processing and generation of traffic depiction. The unit has the basic capabilities of an ADS-B Class A0 receiver and supports a minimum trigger threshold level (MTL) of -74dBm.

The RTH80 provides error detection based on the standard Mode S CRC-24 and preamble detection. The bit/confidence declaration is performed based on the center-sampling method. The determined DF-17 and DF-18 messages are transmitted to a CDTI or PC via RS-232 or, optionally, over a fast Ethernet Interface with a simple UDP Broadcast Protocol.

The RTH80 is available upon dedicated customer request.

Datasheet RTH80 (PDF)

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