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VHF Transceiver

  • Complete VHF transceiver with 6W output power in a 160 mm standard housing
  • Digital signal processing directly after the 1st intermediate frequency
  • Digital audio processing
  • Very stable transmit power
  • OLED display with high contrast
  • Satisfies equipage requirement for 8.33 kHz channel spacing
  • Dual-watch technology, monitoring of two frequencies
  • Voice controlled intercom with automatic detection of microphone type, can be deactivated for use with external intercom
  • Memory for 20 user-definable named frequencies
  • Easy recall of the 10 last used frequencies

The ATR833A-II replaces the well-known ATR833A radio with the new channel separation of 8.33 kHz.

Transmitter and receiver are a complete new development with state-of-the-art digital signal processing.

The built-in voice controlled intercom operates up to 4 microphones (2 standard, 2 dynamic). In many cases no extra intercom is required. This saves cost and weight. All microphones are adjustable separately. Using suitable headsets a 4-place intercom can be built-up.

The ATR833A-II has 2 memory functions: Up to 20 frequencies can be stored together with an identifier. Moreover, the 10 last used frequencies can be recalled easily.

The OLED display ensures a high contrast and is suitable for installations without direct sunlight.

The ATR833A-II can be remotely controlled using the ATR833RT remote control unit.

Technical Data

160 x 41,3 x 175 mm
765 g
Power Supply Voltage
11 – 30 V DC
Current (standby)
ca. 220/120 mA
Current transmit
ca. 1.3/0,65 A
Transmitter Power
6 W
Audio Output Power
4 W
Transmitter Class 4 & 6
Receiver Class C, E, H1, H2