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  • Basic Instrument for essential flight information for ultralight aircraft
  • Compact, comfortable backup instrumentation
  • Alphanumeric display of barometric altitude, air speed, climb / descent rate, track, ground speed
  • Graphical display for climb / descent rate and air speed
  • Automatic determination of QNH from GPS altitude
  • Back-to-home guidance
  • Automatic flight log for latest flight
  • Integrated battery with intelligent charge management
  • Battery operation for more than 3h
  • Integrated pressure sensors for static and total pressure
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Easy operation and configuration
  • Data output via serial interface

The BFI57 presents an integrated display for essential flight information. It has been designed for ultralight aircraft application. It contains pressure sensors for the determination of altitude, airspeed and climb/descent rate and a built-in GPS receiver which allows the determination of ground track, present position and ground speed.

The BFI57 is not only suited as a minimum cockpit instrumentation for ULs, but also as a backup instrument in combination with classic instruments or glass cockpits. It allows the safe continuation of flight in the case of loss of power or other malfunction of the primary instruments. The built-in battery ensures independent operation of at least 3 h.

Air speed as well as climb/descent rate is displayed alphanumerically and as a bar graph. The air speed indicator presents the required color markings including and configurable white range. All display options can easily be adjusted to the pilot’s preferences and the aircraft environment.

QNH can be set manually or automatically be derived from the GPS altitude.

Additional comfort is offered by the automatic flight log function for the latest flight and the back-to home guidance (course, distance).

All display data are provided on the serial interface.

Technical Data

65 x 65 x 110 mm
420 g
Power Supply Voltage
13,8 VDC (8-18 VDC)
Power consumption
< 3 W (150 mA) during normal operation, < 10 W during battery charging
Display ranges

– Speed

– Altitude

– Vario


0 … 200 kts

-1.000 … 30.000 ft

-1.999 … + 1.999 ft/min

27,76 … 31.00 mm HG