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  • VFH/AM handheld transceiver for ATC
  • Robust aluminium die-cast housing
  • Side-tone via headphone
  • Battery indicator
  • 760 / 2278 channels selectable
  • Satisfies equipage requirement for 8.33 kHz channel spacing
  • Transmit power 1,5 Watt / 5.0 Watt PEP
  • Numerous accessories: external microphone, carrying case, charger, 12 VDC supply cable, ...
  • Tested acc. to ETSI EN 300676-1/2
  • Certification as ground-based VHF hand-held radio transmitter for the VHF aeronautical mobile service

The FSG8 is the successor of the well-known “yellow briquettes” FSG4 and FSG5 and complies with the reduced channel separation of 8.33 kHz.

Transmitter and receiver of the FSG8 handheld radio are derived from the proven ATR model series. These have been thoroughly redesigned to meet the demanding requirements for a certification as a ground-based handheld VHF transceiver for aeronautical mobile services.

The FSG8 has the same housing as its predecessor and is, therefore, just as robust. All accessories of the previous models FSG4/5 can be used with the model FSG8.

Technical Data

209 x 84 x 44,5 mm
ca. 810 g
Frequency range
118.000 … 136.975 MHz
Transmitter power
1,5 W / 50 Ohm
AF output
0.7 W / 8 Ohm
Frequency stability
< 1,0 ppm (-20°C - +55°C)
ETSI EN 300 676-1 V1.5.2
ETSI EN 300 676-2 V2.1.1
BAF D-0061/2019