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The airborne transceiver FSG90 is in world-wide operation for decades with an excellent reputation for high equipment reliability, long working life-cycle and very robust equipment design. The FSG90 is a compact airborne radio for the standard 2 1/4″ cutting. The channel spacing can be switched between the combined 8.33/25 kHz and 25 kHz only separation. The device is available in different versions with higher transmit power (10W) and with extended frequency range up to 149.975 MHz. In its base configuration the FSG90 can be used for mobile applications (e.g. onboard vehicles) as well as approved ground station.


Technical Data

63 x 58 x 223 mm
ca. 800 g (H1 Version 820g)
Power Supply Voltage
nom. 13.8 V DC (11.0 – 16.1 V DC)
Transmitter power
6 W (H1 Version: 10 W)
< 1.0 A/< 3,0 A (H1 Version: < 1 A / < 4,5 A)
Frequency stability
< 1,5 ppm (-20°C - +55°C)
JTSO-2C37d, JTSO 2C38d
ED-23B Transmitter Class 4 & 6
ED-23B Receiver Class C, E
EASA.21O.1305 Rev. A
BAF D-0036/2014
BAF D-0037/2014