Service and Repair

We at f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS make every effort to return your equipment as quickly as possible. We kindly ask you to apply first for an RMA number to enable an optimal repair service. You get easily the Return or RMA (Return Material Authorization) number via our RMA Online Form. For repair (including warranty and software updates) please use Repair/RMA, for equipment upgrades Upgrade/RMA respectively.

When returning your device to us we kindly ask you to check the following points:
1) Fill in the online form to receive your RMA number
2) Print out the completed service form and enclose it with the device
3) If you return your device from a non-EU-Country please contact us via Email (, we then will inform you about the customs procedure
4) Please pay attention to a secure packaging

You can query the status of your return under the index tab “Status” by entering your RMA number.

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