Use our experience and competence in the area of hardware and software development for complex mission systems!

We develop, design, qualify, produce and maintain electronic systems and devices for aerospace applications. This includes avionics equipment and RF system solutions especially in the field of communication, navigation, flight mission management and electrical ground infrastructure.
The customers receive a series-ready, qualified product from a single source which meets their specification and performance characteristics. Our team achieves this by applying well-known processes which cover requirement engineering, design and verification during the development cycle. Furthermore, we provide the necessary support regarding legal and certification activities.
We manage all involved suppliers and partners to ensure a single point of contact for our customers.

Our customers benefit from our extensive expertise and experience in technology and product development. This includes the area of hardware and software development of complex signal processing solutions with critical RF components. The integration, assembly and production take place in-house at our EASA-certified manufacturing and maintenance site.
Our employees are familiar with working in an international environment through our expertise within EU and ESA projects. The compliance to international quality standards such as EN/AS 9100, RTCA and ECSS is self-evident for us.

See for yourself! As a manufacturing and maintenance company certified for aviation equipment, we are your project partner.

You receive a series-ready, qualified product from a single source which meets your specification and performance characteristics.

Qualita╠łts Managemement

Project and Quality Managemement

Verwaltung Von Anforderungen
Specification and management of requirements (requirements engineering)
Design Und Entwicklung

Design and Development


Qualification and Certification


Manufacture, assembly and production


Maintenance and Customer Support

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Project Examples

Tankflieger Funke Avionics

Mission Computer Subsystem (MCS) for the Airbus A310 MRTT tanker aircraft

The MCS supports the ARO (Air Refueling Operator) during the planning and monitoring of the refueling process.
The system has been in operational use in all Airbus A310 MRTT tanker aircraft since 2010. Four aircraft are currently operated by the German Air Force and two aircraft by the Canadian Air Force.

As part of maintenance contracts, f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS supports operational use of the armed forces through advice and continuous development of the MCS software – based on the requirements and findings from current tanker aircraft operations.

The hardware architecture of the MCS is based on the use of the on-board computer MPU-100 which was developed according to the requirements for permanent use in civil and military aircraft. The standard version of the MPU-100 includes a powerful Pentium M-based CPU computer, a robust 30 GB hard disk, ARINC-429 interfaces and high-speed 3D graphics with video input and output, installed in a standard 4 MCS ARINC-600 LRU case. The modular design, based on the Compact PCI standard, also enables the easy integration of additional components. The MPU-100 can be used as a versatile OEM platform on which system suppliers can implement their own application.

Parlander Funke Avionics

Navigation system for parachutists (PARALANDER)

On behalf of Airbus Defense and Space, our Mode S systems (transponder and receiver) were modified for use by military parachutists according to customer specifications. These systems are supplemented by a graphical display of the received signals on a mission laptop.

Test bench for the military transport aircraft A400M

As ordered by Airbus Defense & Space Bremen f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS has developed a hardware-in-the-loop test rig for the military mission management system of the Airbus A400M military transport aircraft. The test rig is part of the A400M verification programme.

The activities included:

  • Selection, procurement and assembly of a 19-inch rack
  • Installing of existing components
  • Development of tray, power supply and control panel
  • Implementation of the corresponding cabling

DTEC-Project MissionLab

The result of the work in the DTEC project “MissionLab” is an integrated infrastructure and experimental environment distributed across the participating institutes of the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich (UniBwM), which allows mission technologies and corresponding concepts for automation, for human-machine integration and for the training of users to be consistently investigated by constructive environments (computer models), through virtual environments (simulator cockpits) and live environments (flight test vehicles).

The industrial research cooperation partners involved (EMT, f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS, HAT.tec) are developing the required hardware and software components specific to the “MissionLab” and integrating them in close coordination with the participating institutes and professorships. Industrial research on corresponding integration concepts also takes place. f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS is developing the mission computer.

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