FUNKE AVIONICS has long had a presence in South Africa. Formerly named Filser Electronics, it was well known for its compact VHF-COM the ATR500, fitted to many gyrocopters and fixed wing LSA here. A lot has changed since then, and with new a new name and shareholders, FUNKE took over the old Walter Dittel FSG range, introduced a wide range of compact VHF-COM and Mode-S transponders and developed state of the art communication and navigation sub-systems for such companies as Airbus, Lufthansa, Thales Alenia Space, Eurocontrol and the European Space Agency.
PJ Aviation cc been supplying and supporting Filser/Funke products on and off for almost 30 years, and has recently been appointed by FUNKE Avionics as their South African representatives for sales and technical support.

FUNKE’s general aviation range is all EASA approved and comprises VHF-COM in both 57mm and 160mm stack formats. The new ATR833S is a follow on from the well-known ATR500, now with all the modern attributes such as dual watch and VOX intercom, at an unbeatable low price. FUNKE’s transponders are all Mode A/C/S Class 1 250w types, ready for full ADS-B compliance, also in 57 and 160mm stack mount format.

The now famous FSG90 was the last VHF transceiver developed by Walter Dittel GmBH. Mostly used in ground stations, it has been the only radio available that was certified for use in European airports, and specified worldwide for military and air traffic control applications.

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