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TM350 - Air surveillance for a relaxed arrival

Traffic awarness system

TM350 Und Apps

Avoid collisions.

Arrive relaxed.

TM350 Traffic Monitor/Air surveillance

Intuitive user interface and easy configuration

Easy connection to cockpit displays and apps, such as SkyDemon or ForeFlight

Integrated FLARM transmitter

Various interfaces: RS232, WiFI and ARINC429 (optional)

Air surveillance: reliable . compact . robust

The TM350 is a compact avionics module for airspace surveillance and proximity warning to increase situational awareness. The TM350 detects Mode S, Mode A/C, ADS-B and FLARM® signals and makes the evaluation available via standardized interfaces for cockpit displays, external displays and commercially available APPs. The TM350 decodes all currently evaluable transmissions from other aircraft in order to generate a picture of the air situation that is as complete as possible. The various possible interfaces, as well as the possible settings, are configured via a simple and intuitive WIFI browser interface. The TM350 can be connected to extended squitter-capable transponders to form a fully-fledged ADS-B IN/OUT system, in which its own position is broadcast and that of other aircraft is received and evaluated. The connection with the f.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS Transponder TRT800H/A is particularly optimized and is configured fully automatically. A full FLARM® beacon is already included in the standard version of the TM350. In this version, the TM350 only evaluates the signal strength of FLARM® transmitters and generally signals an approach without position information. Optionally, the TM350 can also be expanded with a full FLARM® receiver. In this case, position information can also be evaluated.

TM350 in connection with navigation apps

The TM350 is built for durability and uncompromising safety. The TM350 is equipped with excellent technology from practice and supports operation on tablets and smartphones. The TM350 can be connected to different apps (such as SkyDemon, ForeFlight, VFRnav) with simple configuration via WiFi browser interface.

TM350 Airspace surveillance and proximity warning

Technical data

35 x 65 x 115 mm
250 g (incl. mounting plate)
Power supply voltage
11-30 VDC nom. (9-32 VDC ext.)
Current consumption
200 mA typ. Q 13.8 VDC
GPS Modul
uBlox M8
rpSMA (1090MHz In), SMC (GPS), 2xSMA (FLARM)
4xRS232, 1xARINC429 (optional)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2 parallel connections)
USB 2.0

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